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Keynote Speaker and Oral speakers are Encouraged to Attend ICPHH2024 Conference!

    In recent years, the background of pandemic has caused a variety of psychological problems and mental disorders, which is one of the major health problems to be solved urgently.   At the same time, with the improvement of income and living standards, people's attention to their own health and the demand for psychological services have gradually increased, and the public health and hygiene industry has ushered in a period of rapid development. The 5th International Conference on Public Health and Hygiene (ICPHH2024) focusing on the topics of psychology, public health and hygiene, aims to provide a platform for experts, researchers and scholars in related fields to exchange and share their latest research results and trends in the related fields to help solve problems such as public health and human psychological barriers and to promote the rapid development and application of public health, hygiene and psychology.

    We are sincerely inviting experts, scholars, scientists and engineers from all over the world to contribute and ateend the conference.

    If you are interested in attending this conference as a keynote speaker or an oral speaker, sharing your views and solutions to contribute to the development in field of public health, hygiene and psychology, please send your CV to