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Punam Kushal Farmah /Counsellor

Red Maple Counselling

Punam Kushal Farmah has rich counselling experience and worked as counsellor or tutor at different organisations. She currently works as the mental health mentor at Access Your Ability, and the Qualified Counsellor at Red Maple Counselling. Her research interests focus on mental health, including rape/sexual/domestic violence, abuse/neglect, additional support needs (learning difficulties) Trauma, cultural challenges, parental difficulties, relationship challenges, identity, self-image, self-worth, self-esteem as well as work-related stress, depression and anxiety. Punam Kushal Farmah also services as the CPCAB tutor of Counselling at Maple Leaf Counselling and training. She is a director and writer and is nominated for a short independent film “Devan Coultrie is Unwell”. She has past Level 3 Certificate in counselling of King Edward VI college Nuneaton and Level 3 Diploma in CBT of Oxbridge Distance Leatning.